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As I am sure you have already figured out, we are both regular blog stalkers.  Whether we are stalking photography equipment, other photographers, or just totally random yet fun bloggers (Dooce, anyone?).  Well, one of my favorite blogs is Photofocus.  Scott Bourne is the writer/brilliant mind behind this blog which provides an ENDLESS supply of junkie fixes… everything from book and gear reviews, to how-to’s and showcasing new photogs.  There is not enough time in my day to read everything Scott posts, but he does have a permanent spot in my feed and I enjoy his fix at least a few times a week when I have a spare moment.

This morning, Scott thoroughly entertained with a post entitled Five Ways to Know Your Photos Aren’t Cutting It.  I mean seriously… how many times do you look at another photographers work and think “Man… how on earth do they have any business… someone needs to tell them they suck!”  Yep, that would be #1 on the list.  My fave?  Numero fivero.  Okay, I don’t speak Spanish (that was #5 for anyone who doesn’t speak fake Spanish… and yes, I can at least count to five in Spanish, but that’s not nearly as fun to say!).

Did you really think I would get away without a mid-post digression?  As if….

I was excited to see that our thoughts from last week’s Inspiration post made it onto Scott’s list… albeit it was the last thought he had… but who knew we were so smart?!  Am I now allowed to say “great minds think alike”?  Yeah, me, Scott, and Joe are gonna go talk shop over coffee next week.  Kidding.  I don’t know Scott or Joe and I don’t drink coffee.  We prefer to slowly kill ourselves with diet soda.

(Digression #2….)

In short, go check out Scott’s post.  Thankfully I am good on most except the whole Flickr thing.  I don’t really use it – pretty much always forget about it.  Maybe he can do a post on how to more effectively use Flickr?  Anyway, in the words of Scott Bourne:

“Shoot, move forward, and don’t suck.”

by Donnell Probst

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