The Photo Junkies on…. Photofocus!

Does this picture look familiar?

Do you guys remember a while back when I said that I was going to do a review of the Santa Fe Workshops?  And it’s been two weeks since I returned, right?  You totally thought I was slacking, didn’t you?  Well… I didn’t say the review would be on The Photo Junkies blog, did I?

You see, back in January when I wrote that guest post for Scott Bourne (I’m positive you remember my over excitement), and he published it on the blog, we also discussed writing a second guest post for Photofocus reviewing the workshops when I returned.  I didn’t tell anyone I had submitted it (including Heather) juuuuust in case he decided not to publish it… but… he DID!  I’m can’t confirm that he published it on it’s merits versus pity for our “little blog that could”, but I’ll take it!  I’m not going to ask any questions!  I mean, why ruin a good thing, right?

So, yesterday The Photo Junkies officially made their debut with a guest post on Photofocus… the blog with a mere 1.5 MILLION readers a month.  Those are some crazy numbers, Clark!  Hopefully a few of those readers will find their way to The Photo Junkies, but regardless we are just beside ourselves with excitement!  Only a few months in to our blog and we’ve had almost 15,000 hits, two guest blog posts, a growing Facebook following AND a fab group of Twitter-ers.

Talk about best case scenario!  As Karin Doolin would say… Word.

Oh, and just to really drive home the point… do you also remember when I first posted about Scott Bourne emailing me?  And then subsequently posted a screen shot of  my Yahoo page and how I have three blogs I follow regularly… Dooce, Photofocus, and Joe McNally?  NOW look at this craziness:

We are taking a moment to enjoy this, but will continue working hard to be ridiculous and semi-informative on occasion!  Thanks for all of your support!  Keep spreading the word, telling your friends, and telling Photofocus and Going Pro if you like our posts!  :)

by Donnell Probst

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